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Angel Wings ©

Chaz Resko
Fredericksburgh, USA

I wait for thy Angel to take under her wings,
Savior thy relation,
Savior thy moment,
Waiting until my love arrives.

As I lie dying underneath the stars' breath,
Waiting for my love to arrive,
Face as blue as thy winter's night sky,
Waiting, waiting,
Alone I lie on the cold hearted ground,
Waiting for thy love to arrive.

I give up hope,
I give up my life,
My love did not return,
My lips turn to ice.

I slowly dissipate as my heart starts to slow.
I say to myself, “Angel take thy soul from me now”.
I now have no will to live.

Let us fly away,
Far, far away,
From the humble abode I call home.

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