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Angels and Loons ©

Tom Barker
Joondalup, Australia

I wonder if the time will ever come,
when God will update the wing
of The Angels up in Heaven,
as they fly around and sing.

God give me the strength to bearâ
the woes of aw them left oan earthâ
And gimme a jet wi an afterburnerâ
so across the cloods ah kin surfâ

But the reckless will run out of fuel,
and plunge into the sea so deep.
Or hit the top of a mountain,
and freeze there forever in sleep.

Imagine a corpulent Father Christmas,
wi fairy wings strapped to his back.
Pulling a sled loaded wiâ parcels,
as into a snow storm he has to tack.

We need nine parts of a ten part rocket,
to get one part to land on the moon.
But we cannot yet save a child from drowning,
in the back yard swimming pool of a loon.

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