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Angels ©

Mystery Rose

Angels are sent from up above
They guide us and light us
And give us their love

Angels often are seen with wings
But God has sent down to earth
The ones that wear suits and ties
And dresses with seams

A friend is an angel that you can touch
They offer you wisdom
They light your way
When gloom has consumed you and you can't find your way.

This poem is dedicated to three of the best
Lara, Andi and Jim who have helped me pass the test
The test of time
The test of fate
The best is yet to come
And I can hardly wait.

No more heavy baggage for me to carry
No more sadness and lots of worry
No more fighting, for that was won
And it's because of you that I can see the sun.

Through the darkness and tears
Somehow I knew I would make it through
God must have known I needed you
Thanks for being my angels on earth
Thanks for being all that is true
Thanks for being kind and just
Thanks for believing and trusting in me
The cause was worth fighting
I am grateful, more than you could possibly see.

I wish you mountains of joys
I wish you all the best
Peace be with you
I can now rest.

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