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A New Tomorrow ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

In silence, I said good-bye, a new beginning, a wistful cry,
You're in good hands, my family's there, I leave you in the best of care
For me there waits a new tomorrow, no time for tears, no time for sorrow,
Unfolding dreams, the way ahead, plain sailing until lives ebb.

Hard worked without mishap or chance, surprise I found time for romance,
My wife, and now, our family dear, reward's of joy and sometimes tears.
Looking back in silence, now, I find shadows linger in my mind,
A wish, and then with joy, there is a way, the star of peace, I kneel and pray.
Come home, there waits a new tomorrow, time for joy, then for sorrow,
Brother's that I loved so dear. A moment, while I shed a tear.

Dreams and memories found again, guide me to where there is no pain,
We shared the past, and now with pride, I journey where memories collide,
Forefathers in their vigil, dwell upon the earth,
Guard with childish pride, every single birth.

My parents taught me to care, life moves on, now I can share,
Stories told of days gone bye, of distant lands and battle cries.

Now I live in the land down under, heartache's pain all asunder
Joy and tears, no time for sorrow. This is my land, my new tomorrow.

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