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A New Jerusalem ©

Once again, the barbaric acts of so-called human beings, leads me and others to question the existence of "The Supreme Being". If you have faith in such a being, may he answer your prayers, and ensure justice is done.

Danny Reynolds
Dalton in Furness, England

Oh, Mr Blake, what meant you then?
Was your jibe doomed to be a prophecy also?
That once again, we have cause to blame,
The Satanic mills of our own generation.
But more than this, a stronger comparison,
Reflecting the Holy City’s own constant threat.
No Divine wind blows, but that which fans
The flames of brainwashed fanatics.
That God exists,
and might condone,
such acts in his own name…

Would we not be better off a Godless race?
For whom then, would we kill?
No misinterpretations of long lost language.
No inquisitions, crusades or missions.
No inbuilt guilt, but no blood spilt,
Unless for power or greed.

If we cannot all agree on “One”,
Would we not do better with, “None”?
I know for millions, he brings solace in such times.
And his followers, not he, are responsible for their crimes.
Is it not enough to live with, knowing right from wrong?
Oh, Mr Blake, what meant you then?
Why did you write that song?

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