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A Need To Belong... ©

Mystery Rose

Everyone needs to belong
To feel connected with others
To be with people who they call “my brother”, "my sister", "my friend".

Everyone needs to belong
To be with others who share
And even circumstances that resemble their own.

People choose friends who accept and like them
Who see them in a favorable light
Because everyone needs to belong

When elderly are homebound
They need the connection of others
You make a difference in a simple call
To check in
To spend a moment
Because everyone needs to belong

Homeless and destitute for living such life
Walking fast
Walking passed
Looking away
A smile can make a difference
A simple act of kindness to give
Think if it was you
The need to belong

The courage to give
The random acts of kindness
The moment spent
We do this without thinking
We do this; for we must
We know we all have a need
And it is simply,
A need to belong!

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