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And it used tae be such a nice word! ©

John McCormick
Orillia, Canada

Our government and churches,
Adapt to every whim,
We used to look at funny folk,
And say "Whitís up wi him?"
Hidden in 'the closet'?
We knew that 'they' were there,
And hoped they wurny in ma Grannyís wan,
In the middle o' the stair.
Why do we now excuse this?
with blatant deference
Have we no sense of decency?
Have we lost all reverence?
For life?
If we look for lifeís true meaning,
Itís plain for all to see,
Huv we nae brains?
It wis fur makiní weans,
That God made you and me.
They cannae dae it!
A manís a man for awí that,
And a woman still a woman.
We are made quite differently,
We think, therefore, we are,
Dying of aids and 'gay' parades
Must surely say itís wrong
As now we dress in 'gay abandon'
We cannae sing this song.

I accept the missing chromosomes,
the adulterated genes.
Itís words, to meís, the problem,
Just think of what this means.
We tippy-toe around them,
The way we sometimes do.
In trying to be 'politically correct'
We've garnered quite a few.
Yet we still look down our nose at them ?,
As we find 'right' things to say,
I wonder what the Gordons think
When we speak of them now, as Gay?

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