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An Aye for an Eye! ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

A lady walking down the street
thanked a kindly passer by
for he had been a gentleman
and caught her flying loose glass eye
he cleaned it with his handkerchief
and then he handed it her back
as she said, "Sir, what is your name?"
and he said, "My name is Jack."
she said, "How would you like to take me out?
Oh, I do hope you will not say no."
as he said, "Do you always ask men out,
even those you do not know?"
"Oh, no." she said, "Please believe me,
or you will make me cry,
for the only men that I ask out
are the ones that catch my eye."
"All right." he said, "I will take you out.
We will have dinner just for two."
then she said, "Pick me up at eight,
and I'll keep an eye out just for you.!

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