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An Ancient Tree ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty

My roots hardly found support
In loose North German heath land
Since the few years they dug themselves
Deeply into Caledonian highland soil
In the meantime I have become an ancient tree
With branches raised high into my Celtic sky
Carrying that inherited top to the glittering Northern Lights
Trembling on cold Teutonic winter days
When dark nights cast grotesque shadows
Until in spring, magic leaves wondrously bloom
Rustling proudly with ancestors' whispered voices
An ancient gnarled tree I still am
Whose forefather's seed once blew across the raging sea
Now the time of hiding annual rings has come
No tree resembles the other in the detail
Thatís why you should not try to move me into line
My branches were never round and smooth
Their steadfast points meet a challenge until they're cut
Iíve seen a lot and can tell stories
In case you know about peaceful listening to a tree
While sitting trustingly on mossy forest soil
Under shiny green in mystical Alba
Ancient trees can yet be replanted.....
Sometimes even in real life

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