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Katy Osborne
Lowestoft, England

The gate creaks behind you as you enter,
A cool breeze rushes past.
The branches of the trees reach-out towards you,
And there it is, you see it, at long last.

The wind picks up the leaves,
They dance to the widow three's song.
The crickets jump everywhere,
You haven't seen this for so long.

There she is in front of you,
The girl you thought was dead.
You reach out to touch her,
But she fades away instead.

You hear her scream your name,
Helplessly like she did.
All you can remember,
Is how you turned and hid.

You turn for the exit,
Run for your precious life.
You're nearly at the gate now,
Then you see the knife.

You pick it up and look,
All the blood comes back on.
All you can see is her dead body,
Her lively spirit gone.

The memories all come back,
You turn to run and go.
It was only you who killed her,
You thought she was a friend, not foe.

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