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A Modern Scottish Family ©

Our modern society has fewer marriages, more divorce and more broken families. What effect will that have on our children when they become parents?
H Marshall

When our family was very young
We suffered our greatest loss
And the loss shaped our lives.

When we should have clung together
Some were sent away
And the sending caused great sorrow.

When we were growing up
The distance between us was so great
And the gulf between us grew wider.

When we asked, "Where is mother?"
All voices remained silent
And the silence brought more pain.

When we needed her comforting arms
The chill tendrils of loneliness engulfed us
And we wept alone.

When we asked, "Where is father?"
A stranger appeared among us
And we did not know him.

When death came among us
Some of us did not know
And the not knowing brought rivers of tears.

When our sisters were taken from us
Some mother's tender touch was lost forever
And the losing caused more grief.

When our brothers were taken from us
Some father's guiding hand was no longer felt
And our feelings became numb.

Where our sisters still exist
Some bitterness is felt
But they remain resolute.

Where our brothers still exist
The pain of life is felt
But they retain a great sense of fun.

Where the family still exists
Some resignation is felt
For there are many unanswered questions.

But where the family drum still beats
A proud name resonates in our children
And there is real hope.

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