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A Message To T***** H******: ©

(He was responsible for the murder of school children at Dunblane.)
Never Speak the Name of those Who Seek Infamy!
Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

There has been too much talk of guns
And little of the man;
Of how a human being could
Eke his murderous plan.

Abhorrence could not swell enough
Nor vengeance get its fill,
On him, so cold, calculating
Who, children, chose to kill.

It is far too easy to say
That Evil was the cause;
What drove this man to infamy
Must make us think and pause:

This is no apologia
Yet, we must understand,
And see and stop this kind of thing
E'er happen in our land.

No beast of Nature ever made
Could act as like he did:
The why and wherefore, therefore we
Forever must be rid.

Someone must pull the trigger first.
Someone must choose to kill;
Someone must load and aim the gun.
It stems from human will.

Why did you do as you have done?
What made you on that day,
Take the law into your own hands
To take their lives away?

I am a father of two girls
My love for them is deep,
And if you had killed my children
I'd never, ever sleep,

Until I'd ripped you from your grave
And smashed your bones to dust;
And trampled on your skeleton
In frenzied hatred burst.

I'd throw your skull into a ditch
You rotten, rancid slime,
And snarl and spit your hollow name
Then curse you for all time.

I'd raise the Devil and the dead
And stoke the flames of Hell;
Then bring you back to life, you fiend,
And then to you I'd tell:

You were a jealous, nasty child,
All green from head to toe,
And all your inadequacies
In hatred roots did grow.

Every honest man you despised
Your talents were so frail;
Success for others made you sick
Since you were doomed to fail.

You could not do a normal job
Or get a normal wage;
Your failure was transferred to kids
A quarter of your age.

You'd watch their bodies with a lust
Your childhood lost and gone;
Chasing elusive innocence
As years rolled on and on.

Inside, the child that was the man
You hid so well from view;
The victim of your desires
The inner, rotten you.

And so, I've vented all my spleen
And damned for evermore
Your name, it makes my hair stand up
And hate you even more.

No Justice ever could be made
To right the wrongs you've done;
No hanging ever could bring back
A lost daughter or a son.

In living, failure often comes
It's pain is hard to heal;
We all must one day lick our wounds
And sometimes vengeance feel -

But vicious thoughts eat up the soul
And drag the mind in chains;
The wise man never lashes out
When he can use his brains.

How could a wrong so monstrous
Make right what you felt?
You're a victim of delusions
Playing the cards you dealt.

We'll blot your name out from our speech
Your records we will burn -
The children will be remembered
Each precious heart, in turn;

We'll speak the children's names, each one
Out loud in sacred voice;
And may we pledge, in their name's sake
Those little girls and boys -

To make a world where no-one lives
To do what You have done;
It is just not enough to ban
The ownership of guns.

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