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A Message From Sea Bisquit ©

Josette Marie Louise Lager
California, USA

From the very start I was
put together funny. I looked
part quarter horse, my legs
were too short, my head was
too big but I did ok for myself.

It's true what they said about
me, when you looked into the
faces of the men and women
of the depression era, you saw
me, your perfect icon, your
representative. I looked a lot
like you and you looked a lot
like me.

Hey, Yip, love the song you
wrote. Hey, I'm runnin' today
make sure to bet a C note,
brother can you spare a

Now grant you wasn't a
hot shot primadonna like
War Admiral or Ligaroti
Oh, go stuff yourself with

Oh, War Admiral that high
priced plug. I could get his
goat every time and I do
confess I did light up like
a christmas tree every time
he came sash shaying by.
It was the competition in
me, but I did ok for myself.

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