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A Merry Christís Mass! II ©

To the tune of God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen!

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

God help you silly M.S.Ps if you succeed and get your way
By telling us to remove Christ from our cards on Christmas day
You will not get much comfort and you will not get much joy
For you deserve your fingers rapped for being such silly boys
You really now have gone too far Ďtis plain for all to see
By telling us that naming Christ will offend minorities
So let us go the whole damn hog and take out Allah too
But donít be surprised if all Muslims put two fingers up at you
And what about Jehovah now just what is your intention
Try telling our Jewish countrymen his name they may not mention
And donít forget that Krishna lad or is it all right for Hindus
To worship him in temples or canít they also pick and choose
and have you forgotten about Buddha or are you all just mental
and are you closing down on Christmas day all those Buddhist temples
now you see what you have done with all this ethnic nonsense
and no wonder angry Christians now throw at you responses
for you have opened up Pandoraís box with your silly daft Dictat
and remember that in time to come Christian voters will fight back
so have a think before you speak and meditate and pause
for we may not all be Christians now but we still believe in Santa Claus
you may not believe in Jesus Christ who said his father was the boss
but you will still be crucified at voting time by another kind of cross
just remember men are all the same from so many different races
and what goes up can still come down from your high and mighty places
so button up and hold your tongues and stop causing all this fuss
for when you get right down to it you are all the same as us
for you may find that in the afterlife you may for your sins atone
so for the love of Christ give us a break and leave our Christmas cards alone

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