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A Merry Christís Mass! ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Hello again my many friends I send fond greetings of good cheer
I hope you have a merry Christís mass and a happy good new year
We celebrate on Christís mass morn the birth of a wee stranger
All wrapped up in swaddling clothes as he lay there in a manger
The three wise kings had heard the news and had travelled from afar
To bring him frankincense and gold and myrrh carried in a jar
This was a child sent from God who was born in Bethlehem that night
and now true Christians all around the world revere the name of Christ
He seems to have been a plain and simple man as the bible tells us all
Who helped the poor and healed the sick and spread goodness overall
He led a simple hard working life and he was a carpenter to trade
Who took a craftsmanís pride in what he did and in everything he made
Then when the call of duty came he went off with his fisher friends
And fulfilled in time his lifeís work trying to save the souls of men
But just like anyone who tells the truth the people said he lied
And were not content until they saw the truth teller crucified
But this is how some folk are in life to some who do us favours
How often do we turn on them these folk who are good neighbours
Now I know not if there is a God and neither friends do you
But he said father forgive them for they know not what they do
I try to live a peaceful happy life and to help anyone I can
For I would be a sorry wretch if I could not help my fellow man
All these religions just confuse me and I follow no specific creed
I just go through life and do no harm with the occasional good deed
No doubt in time we will all find out then perhaps it will be clear
And my philosophy is to forgive and forget for as long as I am here
So whether you are a Christian or a Muslim a Hindu or a Jew
Greetings friends and all rejoice and have a Merry Christís Mass too

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