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America ©

Duncan MacMaster
Fife, Scotland

The folk of Europe, those of the north
Across the seas for fame went forth
From Ireland, from Iceland, Norway
From Sweden, Scotland, Denmark too
The Viking, the Saint, the Explorer,
They sailed to south, the north and the west
They found it, explored it and left to rest.

The Vikings named Greenland
And from there found Vinland.
Saint Brendan sailed over
And called men to Christ
Then many years later
Men came from the north
In ships that had sailed from out of the Forth.

Prince Henry Sinclair was his name
Of Orkney, Earl, of courtly fame
With him sailed Irish, Scots and Norse
And men who'd fought the English Wars.
They took their way across the seas
Till came they on to that far land
And laid their ships upon the strand..

Why those who found it went away,
The truth no-one can tell today.
After them came men of Spain
The English too did sail the seas
To steal whatever they could steal.
Why did the finders give it no name?
They did not really want the blame!

They call it a lie, this story I've told,
It's not so, It's a lie, you liar so bold,
How can you do this, have you no shame?
To lie of America, deny us our fame?
On you shall fall oaths and our curses as well
Our hate will ring terror all over the earth
When the weight of our fears lies hard on the earth

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