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A Magical Place ©

Irene McIsaac
Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Come, join me in my garden
And listen to its music...
Hear the blue jays twittering on the branches,
Long grass whispering in the breeze,
Water rippling over polished stones
And maple leaves rustling in the moonlight
While the wind chimes peal...

Come, join me in my garden
And enjoy the ballet...
See enchanted frogs leaping,
Soft cottontail bunnies hopping,
Delicate butterflies prancing
And evening shadows waltzing
While the angels fly...

Come, join me in my garden
And arrange a bouquet...
Gather lilacs in the springtime,
Fragrant roses in the summer,
Chrysanthemums in autumn
And mistletoe in winter
While the snowflakes fall...

Come, join me in my garden
And paint a picture...
Capture silver dewdrops on petals,
Golden moths on snapdragons,
Dusk settling on tall blue junipers
And fireflies colliding with fairy wings
While the lanterns glow...

Come, join me in my garden...

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