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Always Questions ©

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

"Are there really any fairies?"
Asked my little boy today.
"I do believe", I whispered,
"Some have just gone out to play."

"Are there really any fishes
At the bottom of the sea?"
"I do believe", I whispered,
"One can swim as well as three."

"Are there really many people
Who belong to London Town?"
"I do believe", I whispered,
"That the number's going down."

"Are there really scary insects?
Can we go and catch a few?"
"I do believe", I whispered,
"That is what we ought to do."

"Are there really many telephones
Inside the USA?"
"I do believe", I whispered,
"That is what some people say."

"Are there really many programmes
That you watch upon TV?"
"I do believe", I whispered,
"That what I like, I see."

"Are there really many parents
Who won't answer one request?"
"I do believe", I whispered,
"You've not put me to the test."

"Are there really any dinosaurs,
Or is the last one dead?"
"I do believe", I whispered,
"That it's time you went to bed."

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