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Alone ©

Ruth Ramsey
Alloa, Scotland

That day at the church we said 'I do'
Together at last just me and you
Our plans that we made were coming together
We would stay husband and wife for always, forever

Then onto the party for a meal and a drink
We didn't have much time to stop and think
It was going like clockwork; the plans were going great
The party was buzzing; it went on until late

We finished the night with a whoop and a cheer
The guests were all merry, they had drank too much beer
We said thanks and goodbye to everyone
We were off on our honeymoon to soak up the sun

We sent out the postcards, 'To you all, Love from Rome'
But all too soon, it was time to come home
That's when things started to change overnight
We did nothing but shout, scream and fight

It got even worse as the years went by
I would sit on my own night after night and just cry
Our first child was due and things were not right
Oh how I wish that we just didn't fight

When my daughter was born, she was a dream come true
But why was I feeling so sad and so blue
Visitors came to see our newborn child
But inside my head my mind was going wild

Six years went by, my son on his way
I was looking forward to that glorious day
He came into the world with one mighty big cry
But all I could do was sit there and sigh

I've tried many things to get us back on course
But nothing worked, my voice was hoarse
You say you're okay and that you are just fine
You think of your feelings but what about mine?

You were once my lover, my soul mate my friend
But we must close this book and come to an end

The story is true folks but please don't feel sad
Being all alone is really not bad
I'm proud of my children the way they have coped
They're one in a million, they've turned out like I hoped

So when the time comes for them to get wed
I won't say get on with it, you've made your own bed
I will be there for them always, come what may
I will pray they will be happy on their special day

And one last thing before I go
I thought I'd let everyone know
Their father chose to take on another
I might be alone, but I'm a damn good mother!

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