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3:26 pm Tuesday, 27 October 2020
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(Almost) Burns Supper Time ©

Tom Green
Fife, Scotland

The Supper date is fast approachin’
Wi’ duties on oor time encroachin’
If only we could get some slack
We e’en meet oorsel’s comin’ back

Wi’ scratchit heids aneath oor caps
(We’ve even sent oor speakers maps)
Tae help them wi’ their navigation
Jist sae they’ll hae least aggravation

We’ve got a piper wha’ blaws weel
A’ the Scottish tunes that mak’ ye feel
Nae maitter whit wey this warl’ turns
Proud tae be a follower o’ Rabbie Burns

We’ve got the tables and the chairs
An’ managed tae heft them up the stairs
A haggis, some tatties and a big neep
(Just the ane, ‘cause it wasna cheap)

We’ve got Poosie Nansie wi’ a tray
The steaming Haggis tae convey
Tae the table wi’ due ceremonial
While we are feelin’ braw and jovial

We’ve got lots o’ drink, that is true
Rangin’ frae whisky tae Irn – Bru
We’ve got the cutlery and the plates
Oor heids like roofs missing slates

We’ve checked on this, checked on that
If ae thing’s been missed I’ll eat my hat
But schemes – e’en best - can go awry
Despite the very best that we can try

Wi’ your guid luck and your best wishes
We’ll be glad it’s time tae dae the dishes
An’ wi’ laughter and sometimes a tear
We’ll be stertin’ sune for the comin’ year

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