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All Hallow's E'en at Pennyliggot ©

Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

Pennyliggot is near Castle Kennedy, South West Scotland.

Far sweeps the Westwinds' wailin' sigh
Chargin' clouds race 'cross the sky,
Tempest'ous in rampage:
First rain, then sleet, then hail and sna'
Relentless, drives yon darken'd wa'
O' blastin' wilds an' rage.
Bauld Winter howls and blaws doon reek;
There's soot upon ma rug;
The rafters shift and shak' and creak
The draughts bla' past ma lug.
My fire's keen; flames are seen
Sparkin' far o'er the lum;
'Mid the storm, I'm still warm,
Wi' a glass o' Navy Rum.

Nae tender gowans deck the green,
Nae trees hae leaves that can be seen.
All's desolate an' bare:
The last fair flo'er has went to ground,
The whistling wind's an eerie sound,
Ablow my wooden flair:
I hear it howl abin the trees;
I hear it at my door;
I feel it at the window, freeze
My bones right to the core.
By and by, spirits fly
Encircling night and time;
I hear them; I fear them,
As the Grandfather chimes.

Aye, midnight hour has come ance more;
Auld tales o' ghosts and spirit lore
Spook imagination;
When e'er Reason calms the mind,
Fear fears ae turn tae look behind
With nae explanation.
I see the witches on their broom,
I see what e'er I fear;
I hear strange footsteps by my room
Yet, no-one has come near.
Blackest night, bring me light;
Banish superstition;
Who is there? by my stair?
Be gone! apparition!

The silence came with new saft sna'
Crisp, it lay glistenin' on the wa';
It cover'd white the shed;
Clouds dissipated, gone from view
The moon returned in lunar hue
And with its light I read:
Everywhere looked safe and quiet
Nae bogles tae be seen;
Where the night was rent with riot
Was sombre and serene.
The log fire, burn'd higher,
And bright, its heat was cast;
I slid deep, into sleep ...
All Hallow's E'en was past.

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