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All because you kissed me last night ©

Weng Berba
Metro Manila, Philippines

I woke up this morning and I fixed my bread;
Went down the stairs and toasted the bed;
At the breakfast table I munched some clothes;
Then I took a bath and put on my oats.

To my workplace was where I was headed that day...
Off my mind I just can't take you away!
So I tried to focus as I drove my cigar;
Opened the windows so I can puff some car.

As I reached the office I went straight to my rest;
Finished the papers and I took my desk.
As last I'm not daydreaming anymore...
Time to go home, it's quarter past four!

Now I'm home again, waiting for crackers;
I'm just gonna have some light soup and supper.
Back to bed, I finally am.
Normal I'm glad! Sleep, I'll get some!

So I said my pajamas and put on my prayer.
Closed my eyes then you were there!
I hope tomorrow will still be bright;
All because...
...of that kiss last night!

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