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A Little Mouse ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

Off to school across the moors
I used to think that I was poor,
Until one day, I saw a mouse
It had no home: it had no house.

I sat down beside its nest
As I thought, to have a rest,
The nest was warm and very clean
Little mouse: where have I been.

You have a family: you have a home
You did all this, on your own,
Two little ones in your nest
The two of them are now at rest.

Why would I think, that I was poor?
Compared to thee out on the moor,
I have all the things that I need in life
And yet, I find myself in strife.

I donít want to go to school
I have broken all the rules,
Who taught you to build a nest?
I know that you have done your best.

Perhaps I should go to school
You make me look a proper fool,
I know that you are just a mouse
But you know how to build house.

Your family they are warm and dry
I donít know how to bake a pie,
I think it's time that I was on my way
The broken rules, I must now obey.

Farewell my dear little friend
I have a lot of things to learn,
Your proven foresight is not in vain
I am off to school and filled with shame

Until this day, life was just a game
Now I have so much to gain,
It's time to take my place in life
Instead of getting into strife:

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