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Alienation ©

John J Turner Sen.
Glasgow, Scotland

The auld yin sits ower in a corner
An' he gently sips at his beer
Aye, an' ye could jist tell
In his mind he wis elsewhere.

Seein' things the way thae wur
Relivin' aw they harsher days
When he wis sae much younger
An' wilder in his ways.

Feelin' he's nae mair than a relic
Frae thae aulden better times
Times that huvnae really gone
Fur thae live oan in his mind.

It's no that he wants tae be alone
Naw, he jist disnae fit in he feels
Things are aw sae different noo
That they appear tae him surreal.

Noo he's finally reached the point
O' seein' freends frae the past
The young yins look oan bemused
As the auld fool smiles at last.

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