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A Letter to Queen Mother ©

Hacene Rahmouni
Algiers, Algeria

Queen mother !answer me
Tell me how can I get in touch with you!
I forgot to introduce myself
I'm that young of great promise
I've heard that your castle is the heaven of peace
And your garden open to outsiders
I'm a bottle feed child
I'm beginning to cut my teeth
I'm that orphan, crying out in pain
Enough to wake dead
I'm that boy in the street
I've no diploma hanging on the wall
But I've an answer to everything
You mother of gloomy weather
Diamond of the first water
Tell me where are your good readers ?
I'm that bartender, I'm that thinker
And my words burnt to cinder
Queen mother answer me !
I'm in towering rage
I'm that writer, and my papers yellowed with age
I'm that bird of good omen
Prisoner in my golden cage
And my innocence sold into slavery
I'm that busker, I'm always playing my own accompaniment
And the story of my life is quit romance
Queen mother believe me !
You can't see the wood from the trees
If you come to me, to see how the land lies
You queen mother ! in that island difficult of access
Your all sweetness, pureness, and light
You woman whom I trust
You who have a power to act
I'm in hell of mess
Allow me to sing in your beautiful streets
To row round your green wood
That will do me a world of good
I'll swear queen mother !
To sink in my second childhood
And to distinguish truth from falsehood
Queen mother !
Forgive me my trespasses
And all my wishes for your happiness

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