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A Last Lifeline ©

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

I sit here at night all on my own
Waiting to here your call on the phone
You telling me how your life’s in a mess
Can I help you to cope with the pain and the stress

You can talk it all through, it may take all night
If you give me a call I’ll help with your plight
Someone to listen is all that you need
An ear to your problem, a germ to the seed

Thro’ intensive training I know what to do
When you feel suicidal I’ll talk you thro’
Help you prepare when you take your own life
Ease out the moments as you handle the knife

Make you aware what you’re planning to do
Not stop you or hold you, I don’t take that view
Won’t criticise at the end of the rope
I’m here to help and offer you hope

You’ve called on our number, I’ve answered your call
We’re Joe or we’re Betty or we’re Sheila or Paul
It’s first names when calling our line on the phone
Hello the Samaritans, you’re not on your own

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