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A' Ken Wha Ye Mean ©

(For Jane Kay)

Tom Green
Fife, Scotland

Whit wid we dae withoot a guid blether?
It gie’s guid cheer nae matter the weather
A guid cup o’ tea or a wee drap sherry
Add a blether an’ we’ll soon a’ be merry

We spread the news o’ who’s gaun wi’ who
If it’s no true, a guid juicy rumour will do
“Whit dae ye ca’ her is gaun oot wi that lad
Ye ken who ah mean, ye ken her auld dad!”

Think o’ the joy when talkin’ wi’ a freen’
When she says “Ah ken weel wha ye mean”
Or pittin’ it beyond a’ reasonable doot
“Ah ken fine jist wha ye’re talkin’ aboot”

It’s jist mair fun hearin’ a nearly true tale
When an auld freen’ ye happen tae meet
Than watchin’ thae daft folk in Emmerdale
Or discussin’ the plot of Coronation Street

So though oor tongues may wag an’ clatter
An’ my guidman’s deaved wi’ a’ oor chatter
If you’ve reached the very end o’ your tether
Ca’ next door for an auld fashioned blether

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