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Ain't life a hoot! ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

All my life I have gone against the tide for pessimists I can not abide
who always seem to gripe and moan as if all the ills are theirs alone
and moan about the stress and strife and do not get much fun in life
and this I find is very sad for it was much worse for our mums and dads
who in war and peace all did their bit and damn well just got on with it
providing for the wife and kids though sometimes they were on the skids
and despite the hardship and the pain they all just carried on again
Christmas time was warm and pleasant although we had not many presents
And though cash was often scarce and tight they made sure we were all right
for they kept their heads and dignity this generation with integrity
and common sense was then the rule taught by our teachers at the school
English mathematics and geography and none of this political philosophy
Which permeates and tries to rule and has ruined many of our schools
With this daft politically correct game saying pupils should be all the same
When anyone with half a brain can see this should go down the drain
For anyone with sense and gumption can see this is a daft assumption
our life then was plain and better for by the 'nanny state' we were unfettered
And every night we went out dancing as we indulged in our romancing
Which filled us all with mirth and glee and gals seldom had a pregnancy
I reckon then we were all na´ve as in the Christian faith we all believed
As we all went to work on Monday and then all went to church on Sunday
I suppose our lives were very plain but we had no sorrow and no pain
As we all lived with mums and dads and were content with what we had
I well remember all the smashing dance halls and the cinemas in town
Which now alas are all long gone since they were all shut down
It was a time of so much fun of great merriment and laughter
As we lived our lives up to the hilt with no thought of the hereafter
And as we arose and went to work on each bright new dawning day
We did our best to do our job although we did not get much pay
Still all and all life then was fun with little hint of strife or strain
And if I had my whole life to live over I would do it all again
For although I am a senior citizen I still dance swim and romance
Just glad that I am healthy and that God has given me the chance
So till the day of reckoning when I set sail across the endless sea
I thank God for all the good times I had and that I made the best of me
For the fun that I have had in life was often crazy and delirious
And you can put upon my headstone that I never took life serious

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