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A House ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

I saw a house among the trees,
It looks a bit run down to me.
It had been a mansion at one time,
Full of people having wine.

Dances, luncheons and garden fêtes,
Waltzes, cancans and pirouette.
Lots of rooms for all to sleep,
maids and cooks earning their keep.

I feel so sad it is run down,
wondering why makes me frown.
To see this fine place go to pot,
just standing there and left to rot.

I guess the upkeep was too much,
too many repairs to do and such.
Money is short to keep it good,
hope someone makes it look like it should.

Well maybe one day someone will,
see the potential that is there still.
For all the people of the land,
to see the mansion looking grand.

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