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A Guid Gloom ©

(There’s Nothing Like It!)

Tom Green
Fife, Scotland

Now life betimes can hit us hard
When we’ve been dealt a rotten card
But “That’s just life.” we’re often told,
Dare we even try to break the mould
Or is preordination the apposite word
That sometimes is the impression
We get when in a deep depression
We’ve tried the doctor’s happy pills
They’ve just not quite cured a’ oor ills
We’ve tried the vodka, gin and whisky
They’ve a’ failed, we’re still no’ frisky
Whit can we dae tae lift the gloom
That pervades each corner of the room
The wa’s are black, the ceiling’s broon
Can it be them that’s getting us doon
Maybe we should stop speculating
And get busy with redecorating

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