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"A Grande Cerveza, Por Favor Señor" ©

Robbie Kennedy Bennett
Wolverhampton, England

Flew to Spain for a wee bit o' sun,
A wee bit o' sea and a wee bit o' fun.
I ordered a Grande cerveza, por favor señor,
Relaxed in my chair in the open air, down by the golden shore.
When you work all year, you've earned a beer,
Away from the hustle of everyday life.
With kin or alone, a few days from home,
Perhaps just away with your wife.
All shapes of bodies passed by me in the sun,
Bronzed and white and burning red,
For some their pain will come.
I admired a few yachts in this posh marina,
They surely cost a pretty penny.
I may buy the blue one; I may buy the white,
"Wake up man, you can't buy any."
"La cuenta, por favor." I asked in my silly Spanish way,
I paid off my bill, a wee tip for the waiter and not for the till,
And slowly went on with my sunshine day.

"Gracias señor, adios."

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