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African Sky ©

(To Tai, with all my love)
Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

African sky shines in your eyes -
still emotion,
indigo blue.
At dawn the sun
waits to rise;
your gentle smile, a sigh... Tau.

African sky shines in your heart -
aired by the mane
of this lion;
your hair and faith
red iron cast -
home in the bush
or Centurion.

African sky shines in your soul.
Azure mirror, the deep ocean
marries dolphins
with the owl (!)
en trompe l'oeil,
true magician.

African sky shines in my dreams.
One I'll wake
under its might;
hear the sunbird -
the silver streams,
the lion's roar after midnight.

...In the meantime
let me enjoy
the Old Rock's grace,
our fiddlers' tunes
and Northern Lights!

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