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A Fool and His Whore ©

Andrea R M Fletcher

Man, you say
You want a woman
But she must be petite
Having hair long in her back
A blonde, you say
Waist 23 inch
Breast, double 'D'
You never mentioned natural or saline
Just something to entice you
To make you hot and get aroused
Wearing a red dress with 6 inch heels
And her breast giving way to your eyes
You never mentioned if you wanted her to be wearing a garter belt
And having a whip in her hand
So, you met this woman in a night club
You took her home
Slept with her and SLAM! BAM!
You hit a home run
Oops! So you thought
Until you dial the number she gave you
"Oh! Wrong number
My sister does not live here,
This is her brother,
She lives next door with her husband.
Yes! Her husband."
You are surprised and shocked
Don't be
My sister does this all the time
You are not the first and you won't be the last
Man, you have been fooled
She always takes off her wedding band
Man, don't be fooled by her appearance
She is an expert WHORE"

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