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A Farewell Tear ©

(Poem was written on my flight to America in 1983 - not an easy Journey to make)

Alisdaire O'Caoimph
Lavergne, USA

The engines roar
Movement is thrust forward
shaking in the vibrations of its force.

Looking out of the small window
I see the Earth passing away beneath us
Those green green fields, that once held my dreams
Are fading into the distance
Those trees and hedges, that once echoed my soul
will become in time tender past memories.

Lines are crossing the land below
grey lines
Upon them matchbox replica's move to and fro.

Roof tops with chimneys bursting forth
this world looks so different from up here
Little villages and towns scatter the patch worked quilt
A domain of little people, Leprechauns
I see myself down there, staring up, the Soul
Waving farewell to its body.

deep inside
wells those tears of parting
saying farewell to the heart's final beat.

I lay back my head
close-to my eyes
feeling the parting of friends and family, the place
I shall always call my home
that land these hands have held, its texture
Like a woman's Lily soft skin
No soil on Earth clings stronger to the bone, no dream as bright
As dreams of journeys home.

In my silent thoughts
I hear the cries of friends
Echoing the haunting voice of home and place.

Yet I did leave her like an ungrateful lover
and how she has grieved for her wondering companions
clinging to her children with every essence of her form
But I shall always dream of her,
Of her tenderness and her warmth
Farewell my dearest Mistress, My aching heart.

Your Lover
Your child
now has left your womb.

But I shall return dear breath, back to you
As the western Winds return again upon the Firth
To lay but once more within your arms,
to feel your form beneath my flesh
And like the fragrance that flows gently from your image
My Soul and Body,
Together with yours,
Shall forever roam.

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