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A Fallow Year ©

Fife, Scotland

Left alone for a fallow year
The flower bed gifts bounty
Self seeded poppies
Spring in the dark earth
Pepper pot seed heads
Have done their best

Pansies too… star like seed head
Shaken in October's winds
Hang bravely on to the nurture
Of loamy soil
Kitten faces in mixed colours
Smile to the sun

Tulips brought from Holland
Revisit despite the field mice forages
More luck than prudent gardening
Mix well with the wallflowers
Woody stems protecting like armour
Left to its own the garden thrives

Once in a while this respite is allowed
Continued as a habit…. not recommended
It's as if the collective quorum of my flowers
Forgive my neglect in the autumn past
When, whether by fortune or fate
A collective collusion welcomes me back

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