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A Eulogy for Ned ©

This is about a very dear friend who took his life this week. He came from a top military brass family. There's a saying that goes, and I'm sure you've heard it before, "Don't curse the darkness. Light a candle instead."

Josette Marie Louise Lager
California, USA

To Ernest with love any gifts
I may have come from the Almighty.
A little something extra from the Lord.
I'm not a Hemmingway that's for sure
Here was a man who could write.
Take for instance The Old Man and the Sea
In the Bible it speaks about the Old Man
it means the old sin nature.

I wish Ernest could have believed that
the night he took his life.
Had he waited it out till the morn'
he would have known that the sun also rises.

His other legacy his family
and wild looking cats
still living on that island
wild and free like me.

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