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John Murray
Larkhall, Scotland

You might not notice in me what I notice in you,
For I notice the way you smile and the way you talk,
The way your hips sway as you walk,
You are always happy and smiling even when sad,
Never one to let anyone be unhappy,
You feel like just anyone else in the world,
To me you are my world and I canít imagine living it without you,
You seem to be identical to me even right down to your soul,
You cause me to generate feelings and emotions that I canít control,
Feelings like the ones I have for you each and everyday.

Some people say loving another is a curse,
I always lose not by loving someone but for holding back,
My life and soul are free and my heart can open for everyone to see,
I canít promise to make everyday of your life perfect,
I have never noticed the size of love,
Until I was struck by my feelings of love for you,
I find it hard when I am talking to you, as I have to watch what I say or do,
We talk about each other and we relate to each otherís problems,
About what we have done and what we are going to do that night,
I tell you everything I feel and the things I want to do,
Except for the feelings I feel for you.

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