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A Dundee Love Poem ©

This was my first ever attempt to write a love verse.
It only took me forty years to compose it......
We were so young.... just like the Sixties.
She was so petite lovely, a mere slip o' a lass.

For Ann Marshall.

Graham Donachie
Victoria, Canada

A lass I once did love upon my young man year
and sweet to me she was and oh so dear
and in our icy-cold northeast town we grew,
knowing that young love lasted, but for the few.

We were so happy she and I.
I promised her stars in the cold night sky
and in my youthful arms I loved her so
and promised tenderly, I'd never go.

She was so lovely, so fair of face,
my foolish falling was no disgrace
and in my eyes, could she see the tears
of my young manís silent fears.

I adored her schoolgirl smiling eyes,
her freckled nose and from her lips the sighs,
the music that, from her laughter came,
the love I felt when she called my name.

T'was no wonder that I lost my way
never knowing dark night from a sunny day,
my love was hers from that first glance thrill,
I gave to her my heart, she has it still.

At times like now, when I sit alone
and think of the paths I've taken and
the women I've known..

I wonder where she is tonight.
I wonder who loves her now.
I wonder, does she ever think of me?

A lass I once did love upon a young man year
and sweet to me she was and oh so dear,
first taste of soft lips, that first kiss thrill,
I gave to her my heart.. she has it still.

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