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A Dream ©

John McCormick
Orillia, Canada

Three wise men came up to my door
I had never seen their likes before.
Dressed in rags, not of this time,
Iíll tell you what they said, in rhyme.
I gave each one in turn a drink,
They gave me--------
Some pause, to think.
The first one's eyes, they held a tear,
He said------
"Be prepared, to lose all that's dear.
There are ever things you will regret,
Love that was lost, and goals not met.
But only just by being you,
You will always see the hard times through."
The second man --------
"By Ďbeing youí, my friend, here means,
Never lie, brook no 'in betweens'.
Don't try to be above your self,
Lay loftiness upon the shelf,
Just do your best and you will see
That you are true, what ere you be."
The third one smiled,
Then spoke with joy---------
"Just dream the dreams when as a boy
You faced the challenge of marching time
The world was yours, a mount to climb.
By being honest, faithful, true,
Smile and the world will come to you.
Beneath it all I'm sure you'll find,
That happiness is a state of mind."
Then I dreamed --------
That they were gone,
I had found some words to lean upon.
The only thing was, that as I wrote,
One of them had pinched my coat.
And as I lay there, in my bed,
I thought again of what they said.
Though their ideals were real, and within our reach,
We donít always practice what we preach.

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