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A Dot on a Dot ©

Paul Murdoch
Alexandria, Scotland

For god's sake man, the world's not out to get you!
Your shoulders are broad, but they surely can't take one more chip.
I mean, do you think you were put here to be screwed and shat on from a high height?
By the look of you, you do.
Free yourself from your self made prison.
Forget your roots.
They can't see them.
We're not here to score points, cast up, or make some list of faults.
Doubtless, wanderings and struggles may have blunted your vitality, or whittled down your heart,
but smile and savour every moment God has given you.
Why worry who's watching.
Stop looking where you've been.
Let life set you free, not weigh you down.
The choice is yours alone.
There's no such thing as 'can't do that.'
You're really not that important.
A dot on a dot that spins in a vastness we cannot fathom or comprehend.
Do you think that your dot will shine brighter than the sun itself and blot it out forever?
Take solace in your insignificance.
It's wonderful, my friend.

Ok, so you're part of a tribe, but your tribe is still just a dot on a dot too.
No more.
Yes, I know your father's father did this too,
but release yourself from the bonds of attrition that keep you in your place.
Your circle of acceptance is far too small, you see;
just make it bigger everyday and then you'll understand;
The way that other people think and live and breathe and hope and dream.
They won't seem quite as dark or strange or weird or mad, or even so extreme.
The world's not out to get you, we hardly know you're there.
Shake off your mantle, yoke and chains.
You're just the same as us.
A dot on a dot, no more, no less, spinning through this time and space.
Relax; forever peaceful , and just enjoy the ride.
Before your dot starts flickering, come out and play.
Don't hide.

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