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A Dedication to the Valley of the River Clyde ©

Thomas Matthew Edgar
Melbourne, Australia

Rising in the wind swept hills
From where they mined for lead
Meandering through Lanark town
Where the Covenanters bled
Past Country House and Shanty
Past Citadel and Shed
The Clyde caressed its Valley
In an endless golden thread

From barren hills in the upper reach
To the fertile fields below
Through Crossford town and Haselbank
Where the orchards thrive and grow
Past raft and boat past buoy and float
Past yacht with skiff in tow
Through Glasgow’s grime and river slime
The glen completes its show

From side to side the towns collide
And seem to fight for space
Like Hamilton and Motherwell
Locked in an endless race
For church and chapel school and team
Entwined in grim embrace
The factory towns compete to win
With a minimum of grace

Kaleidoscopic its display
Through length and breadth and Span
Clyde valley in diversity
Conceals its master plan
Is it to feed the hungry need
Of every creed and clan?
Or just to be from hill to sea
The wonderment of man?

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