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Address Book ©

Fife, Scotland

A new address book lies beside
The other I have had
For a long time now
It’s a project in hand

I start at the beginning
and set the scene
As I continue I must miss one
And have a thought and quiet sigh

Entries from a time when study
Was my focus remind me
Like bite size chunks
have followed my life

The Uni library no longer used
with extension for health
and another for thesis
time to leave that out

Personnel……Report before 8.30
sounds like the army
no longer my problem
how things change

hairdresser in with the bricks
medical centre off by heart
but write it anyway
dentist two entries D and K for Kevin
Then lots of numbers
that make sense to only me
Along with the colour of my first car
And my primary school

The vet who although not used much
Is a number I write in bold
As is my friendly plumber
Worth his weight in gold

Speaking about him
He is always on holiday
So I better get a back up
Who shall I ask

This book is the basis for a novel
Or at least a short story
How many episodes of a soap opera
Could be hatched between its pages

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