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A Date With Death ©

Mystery Rose

We judged a man for his crime
We listened to the evidence
As the details untwist
People sat on their chairs
Nothing was amiss

A little girl is found dead
Alone, in the dark
Bleeding from her limbs
No clothes left at the scene
No life in her body
Innocence harbored a thief
Death came, so must grief

What monster walks this earth?
Who took a child and grounded her in the dirt?
What evil lurks in his mind?
What right to live
They want him to die

Through the darkness
The truth prevails
Let the rain wash my tears
Let the pain subside
My heart hurts for this little child

Justice must speak for the one who cannot
Justice must prevail if our system is not lost
The system says we must punish him
The crime doesn’t allow him for making amends

Can we look at this with certainty
Does two lives need to be taken
For the wrong to be made right
How on earth do we decide?

Prosecutors yell "DEATH!"
Defense yell "MERCY!"
Jury must decide this man's fate
Will it be death or will it be mercy?

As I sit and wait for the jury to enter the room
So many questions, so little time
I contemplate questions but seek no advice

What were the last visions this child saw?
Did she die quickly?
Or did she linger on
Did she call out to her parents?
But saw no one's eyes
Did the angels hold her when she died?

Which side MUST they choose?
Voice of death will over loom
The image of the child speaks to their hearts
I hurt when I died,
My body cold and I closed my eyes
My tears fell but no one heard me cry…

The jury comes in one by one
The man sits and sucks his thumb
Jury has decided he knew right from wrong

He is ordered to rise
May God help your Soul
You were punished for your crime
You are sentenced DEATH
And now you must die!

Rights can never be taken away
Trial by jury is the law
They found him guilty
Now send him away

He has the right to appeals
That is his RIGHTS under the law
The victim didn’t get a second chance to say,

What tragedy this poem brings
True to life and all the sins
This man doesn’t have a Satan face
The evil looks just like you and I

Why can’t my heart feel good about this?
He hurt a child, now he must cease to exist
That’s the system, that is the way
We have the death penalty for those who disobey

An eye for an eye, or so they say
Justice is served
So the state rests
The system speaks
When the victim can’t

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