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Across The Miles ©

Mystery Rose

Across the Miles in Friendship
we came together in hope
of a new tomorrow filled with laughter
and dreams that were not afloat.
So together we make a pattern
of many different kinds
and the skies light up our tomorrow's
with many different signs.
Friendships are jewels, that you can not wear
but inside we hold a diamond
which nothing can compare.
So when I say I love you
it really doesn't express enough,
for you truly matter,
and you matter to me so much.
My love for you is endless,
that time can not erase,
So if tomorrow never comes
I'm thankful for your grace.
We hold the keys to our future,
which we build everyday
Follow your dreams in pleasure,
ask for help if you need it along the way.
Our hands are extended
stretched out in time,
All that really matters is that your
hand is in mine.
For we journey together,
through thick and through thin,
Across the miles in friendship
we journey to the end.

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