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"A Christmas" ©

David Lee Sulgrove
Nine Mile Falls, USA

A Christmas!
A Christmas!
The bells loudly ring!

A Christmas!
A Christmas!
The carolers boldly sing!

A Christmas!
A Christmas!
The wise old elf gleefully brings!

Round up the reindeer
and harness them aright.
Adorn them with sleigh bells
and fairy dust delight.

Arise quickly into the starry sky.
A sleigh full of gifts for those
who have been selfless and kind.

One beautiful night
ol' saint Nick brings
happiness to you and me.

One precious night.
A Christmas!
A Christmas!
A greater good for
all the world to see.

Give peace, love and joy
and this you shall receive.

Remember well what
the holy child did say,
and on a Christmas.
A Christmas!
It will shine within you,
and all around you,
this very special day.

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