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A Chill December Morning ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty

Sleepy my village lies under December clouds
Night's calmness doesn't want to go
Secretly covered the whole land with snow
Frost has crumpled colourful flowers
Where a silver rose misses its red dress
I listen to sounds of the awakening day
Only hear ice crystal's drill through my heart
Piercing this morning and many moments
Until finally I will see the green Isle again

Chains of lights flickeringly send warm rays
Up to there, where dark shadows live in loneliness
An icy air remains silent for now and ever more
Frosty December morning conjures up hoar branches
My sluggish winter hours are filled with day's work
Nevertheless, express thanks for all seasons
The silvery shining wealth of nature
Some time or other chased away by fresh green
And yet free thoughts fled across the sea

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