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A Child's Dream ©

I dedicate this poem to Dr. Gene Scott PhD. Stanford University, (A true man of God)

Josette Marie Louise Lager
California, USA

When I was a child
I thought as a child
But now I have set aside
these foolish things.

When I was very young my
best friend was a beautiful
florescent green praying mantis.

He was my beloved ballerina
He always seemed to be dancing
with those long flowing legs
in slow motion.

He would tilt his head ever
so gently and then take
his final bow.
The ballad is over for now.

We had a strange kind of
communication but I think
we loved each other in our way.

You're gone now and I'm still here
and yes I still miss you my dear.
How much can one really say
about a bug? except I wish I
could have given you a great big hug.

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