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A Child ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Pause my friend linger a while as she lies sleeping in her cot
And a little smile lights up her face as she thinks her little thoughts
Then as this little gift from God lets out a gentle tender little sigh
You know that now she has her lifeline to her maker up on high
Soft shadows flit across her face as she dreams her little dreams
This little wonder of creation in Godís eternal scheme
For in that tiny little mind which is free from strain or stress
Lies the secret of a carefree life full of love and tenderness
For as she lies there sound asleep her next day generating
The pattern of her future years in her mind is formulating
And as I gaze into her sleeping face so gentle soft and kind
I realise that there within lies a lesson for mankind
No thoughts herein of wickedness and most certainly no sin
as she lies there thinking peaceful thoughts sheltered by her kin
if only men who troubled are by war and strife and strain
could all be like this sleeping child and begin it all again
go back in time and think of when you once were pure like her
and instead of all this conflict with all your fellow men concur
for this life is but a fleeting thing as we all pass through this place
like shadows that a moment linger upon this infant's face
learn your lessons foolish man observe and mark them well
these little tender baby smiles that for a moment dwell
remember man and think on this you were a child once too
with not a sin or wicked thought your mind and body through
oh, would that we could all return and be like this sleeping child
the cares of man would float away as all men were reconciled
so go in peace as you pass by disturb not this little tot
but gaze in wonder at her face as you linger by her cot
then as you sigh and you move on to your daily tribulations
rejoice and sing the praises of this wonder of creation
for man on earth could not create a soul so pure and fine
for this sleeping little wondrous child truly is divine
no stress or strife to mar her life and certainly no pain
and think on this if we reincarnate we may all be born again
for time moves on and so do we as part of Godís creation
and we may all be babes again in some future reincarnation
to be born again the next time round should really be no fuss
and think my friends if this is so the babes they look at could be us

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