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25th September ©

Jonn Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

I've never wanted to have a credit card and I don't want a big bank loan
I don't want to live in a hi-rise flat and buy things on the phone
I won't waste life having parties nor buying a gucci suit
I'd rather live in the way I am, than live on promised loot
I have always valued all I have, and never throw away a pin
I cannot understand these people that spend the prize before they win
I don't want to sip the fancy cocktails nor drive a great big car
And think that the oil is never ending and drive 2000 miles because it isn't far
I don't want to live on fast food nor drink claret that's strained and jugged
I don't want to be in the house by seven in case I'm robbed and mugged
I don't want to have a machine gun underneath my bed
In case some junkie comes at night to try and make me dead
I will just enjoy the simple life with the struggles and the strain
And I know whatever happens....... that life isn't just financial gain
I am happy with the old ways with dust and all the grime
But one thing; I will be satisfied..........until the end of my time

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