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To Miss Cruickshank

by Robert Burns

Robert Burns - Scottish Poet
To a very young lady. Written on the blank leaf of a book and presented to her by the Author. This particular young lady was the subject of Burns' song "A Rosebud by my Early Walk." She was the daughter of Mr Cruickshank who lived at 30 St James's Square, Edinburgh. Burns stayed there during one of his visits to the Capital.

Beauteous rose-bud, young and gay,
Blooming in thy early May,
Never may'st thou, lovely flow'r,
Chilly shrink in sleety show'r!
Never Boreas' hoary path,
Never Eurus' pois'nous breath,
Never baleful stellar lights,
Taint thee with untimely blights!
Never, never reptile thief,
Riot on thy virgin leaf!
Nor even Sol too fiercely view,
Thy bosom blushing still with dew!
May'st thou long, sweet crimson gem,
Richly deck thy native stem:
Till some ev'ning, sober, calm,
Dropping dews, and breathing balm,
While all around the woodland rings,
And ev'ry bird thy requiem sings;
Thou, amid the dirgeful sound,
Shed thy dying honours round,
And resign to parent earth
The loveliest form she e'er gave birth.

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